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Mira Loew

Posted in Mira Loew by faultmagazine on January 26, 2010

FAULT Magazine’s featured photographer:: Mira Loew

FAULT: Why did you choose to come to London to study and work?

Mira: when i fist visited london i fell in love with the city and promised myself I would move here one day. going to university seemed like a good place to start. now i finished my BA but I just can´t think of a reason to leave.  London is a place where things happen. there are plenty of opportunities for young creatives to make themselves seen. there´s a lot of helpful people around and if you manage to stand out you will be noticed. As much as my love vienna, my hometown, i don´t feel it has much to offer me professionally.

FAULT: Who inspires you ?

Mira:Egon Schiele is my main inspiration. his paintings and drawings of the human body touch me in a way no other images ever did. he does not try to beautify his subjects, not even his own body. he shows the human body in its natural- sometimes intimidating state. He picks both the beauty of the human body and its physical weaknesses; sexuality and mortality as his central themes. even if he lived today, we would consider his images provocative, shocking and highly innovative.
The work of the cinematographer Cristopher Doyle, particularly his collaborations with Wong Kar Wai had a big impact on the way I work with colours.

FAULT: What do you think about fashion photography nowadays ?

Mira:most of it bores me. in the past, certain norms have in established, how a model and the fashion shall be represented, that i find rather restrictive. when we think of fashion photography we have a very particular look in mind, a certain type of girl, doing a certain type of pose, with a certain way of retouching- This makes Fashion Photography repetitive and predictable. Magazines should be a playground for creativity, giving photographers the opportunity to explore new ideas rather than recreating images that worked in the past.

FAULT:Why are you so fascinated by human body ?

Mira:if i knew that i could maybe overcome this obsession of mine.
On the one hand it is a purely visual fascination with the body, its forms, the texture of skin, etc. On the other hand it is the whole process of photographing nudes I really like. Interacting with the model and the make-up artist, creating an atmosphere that makes my models feel comfortable. I prefer to work in a very small team to create and capture a moment of intimacy.