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Lillian Pau

Posted in Lillian Pau by faultmagazine on February 1, 2010

I have just graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in July 2009, in BA Hons in Jewellery Design.  I decided to take on jewellery as I really enjoyed making and the hands on approach we have here at Central.  I  also picked jewellery because I wanted to create something that everyone has a connection to but at the same time, pushing the boundaries of jewellery , so it is not just about diamonds, stones and precious metals.  I wanted to incorporate my thoughts into it, create something innovative and makes the wearer think more into issues.

For my degree collection,   I picked a topic relating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  My inspiration was originally from the movie Amelie, where she likes the touch of things, the feelings etc.  It then lead me to thinking why people are obsessed with objects and how the act of doing something can lead to satisfaction, such as OCD sufferer’s counting routine, turning switches on and off.   Each piece has a unique idea behind it. for example, the switch bracelet would be about having OCD and using it kind of like a reminder for OCD sufferers, or otherwise, maybe something that’d create OCD cuz it can be switched on and off, fiddly.  The Click ring, when turned, it actually makes a clicking sound and the feeling of turning a switch is given off as I looked into human and object feeling relations, the hospital tag bracelet – kind of a witty way of saying “i HAVE ocd” and once worn, it can’t be taken off, just like OCD. the pull chord switch necklace, inspired by the stethoscope, again, medical equipment,  and the projection eye piece that contains a small circuit board and magnifying glass, which projects LCD numbers out, showing the viewer what the wearer/ocd sufferer is thinking.  like counting constantly.

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