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Isobel Gravestock

Posted in ISOBEL GRAVESTOCK by faultmagazine on January 26, 2010

Print designer: Isobel Gravestock

Posted By: Amandine Paulandre

Wardrobes with their shelves, desks with their draws, and chests with their false bottoms are veritable organs of the secret psychological life. Indeed, without these ‘objects’ and a few others in equally high favour, our intimate life would lack a model of intimacy. They are hybrid objects, subject objects. Like us, through us and for us, they have a quality of intimacy.’ (Gaston Bachelard)

Objects are very powerful, they can act as a living memory in the form of still life, create a sense of belonging to an unfamiliar place, depict a person’s personality at a glance and can create a whole world of escapism. ‘Nesting Nostalgia’ is a project is inspired by the crow family’s instinct to hoard, store and collect, which will bring intimacy in to a space.

At the moment I have designed a wallpaper design, knickers and a house coat. I would like to go further and create draw linings for the vintage dressing ables I collect from the 20s/30s and portray a life style which people will want to buy into.

At the moment im working on my products for Liberty’s Best of British Open Call which is happening on the 7th February. I have also had interest from a Ladies clothes/homewear shop which want to stock my wallpaper from the beginning of feb. Also, Beyond the Valley want to stock my products also, which is very exciting. My web site will be ready shortly.