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FAULT Magazine and Wild Beasts

Posted in FAULT MAGAZINE & WILD BEASTS by faultmagazine on August 27, 2009

FAULT Magazine’s featured artist

FAULT Magazine and Wild beasts Wild Beasts

FAULT: Where did the name Wild Beasts come from?

Hayden: Fauvism, the artist movement in France, when I was at school not much really went in but one of the things that stuck in my mind was fauvism. They were breaking away from the norm and doing things that were quite forward thinking and they got branded for being outrageous.

Tom: I think that is quite nice that Wild Beasts is quite a derogatory term as well.

Hayden: It works on different levels because we knew we were just four boring white boys from a small country town and there wasn’t anything too lamorous about us, we had that raw, uncultured element and it’s sort of coming back round because from what we gather and what we read about ourselves people are either very into us or very anti.

Tom: Obviously we care about music and we try to be original but at the same time we are kind of writing pop songs and its amazing how much people can be alienated by it.

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Hayden: It’s like Fauves, at the end of the day it was just oils on a canvas it wasn’t anything different. Our music isn’t made to sell it’s made to listen to.

FAULT: What inspired you to start the band?

Hayden: Personally, I was always a bit of a sucker for the lifestyle.

Tom: When you live in a small country town you think it’s this wonderful, glamorous lifestyle and when you come to make your album your life doesn’t change that much. Not having much to go to, not too many outlets of…lets say expression you attach yourself to music and you empathise with it if you’re a certain way inclined, then pretty soon you start to think that you would quite like to make it. It’s always less acceptable then if you in a place with a shit hot music scene.

Hayden: There’s always an element of being outside the main scenes if something unworthy got hyped up, from the outside you look at it and say “why are people into this?”  You always think I could do better and I think every band must think that or every bad band doesn’t think that!

FAULT: What are your influences?

Hayden: When we started spending a lot of time in London we were just so amazed by the opportunities that kids have.

Tom: And how everyone has the space to be themselves and work out what they like because there are so many places you can go and everyone wants a piece of you, it’s incredible.

Hayden: There’s never that acceptance in Kendal that you get here in London.

Tom: It’s not a stifling place at all, it’s just the nature of being away from things, you get everything second hand and you’re never in the thick of it you’re always looking to other places and that in itself is quite influential. For instance if you’re writing about a break up if you do it in the moment it will always be raw but then you look back and think oh Jesus, like a diary entry. Where as if you leave it a while it will make more sense later so it’s the same sort of thing, I think it makes more sense now we have gone through the process in our head.

FAULT: What are you listening to at the moment?

Hayden: We listen to a lot of CD’s that we are given,

Tom: Anything minimal techno I’m into at the moment.

FAULT: Favourite Wild Beasts Song

Hayden: I don’t know, I suppose when you make a song and start playing it to people it doesn’t belong to you anymore…

Tom: Our new stuff is probably the most exciting, that’s obviously a very selfish thing to say because nobody’s heard it.

FAULT: Favourite song of all time?

Tom: Well it changes all the time, Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams not the Corrs version but that’s not my all time favourite.

Hayden: Inner city Blues Marvin Gaye is pretty perfect.

Tom: Yeah, that’s pretty good!

FAULT: What is Wild Beasts goal?

Hayden: We want to be massive, sell loads of records and be huge!

Tom: Just to keep going.

Hayden: To basically make a second record. It’s like the grass is always greener if we would have thought 2 years we would have been in this position we would have thought shit! You’d grab it but now we’re here it’s like what’s next? And the more you learn how to control it and do it how you want to do it. We’re still learning there are defiantly elements we want to build up on

FAULT: What’s the best advice you have ever been given

Hayden: Don’t listen to advice. With what we’re doing and what other bands are doing everyone’s their own expert, never shy way from an opinion and someone telling you how you think you should do it, so choose who you listen to… It’s always the people that aren’t in bands that give you advice and have no idea what they are talking about…

TOM’S FIRE Questions:


Tom: Black, always darkness, mystique, the night, secrets. So many tropes.

New York/London:

Tom: London, because National Express don’t run to New York


Tom: “Casino”, for the opening scene with the fountain pen.


Tom: You can’t untwine the two really, but Love, if I was pressed.


Tom: Burgers, but fish is the dish.


Tom: Drink. It’s an issue for me.


Tom: Small. Intricate, I like to call it.


Tom: Vinyl for the fetishist, but I only ever buy CD’s it seems.

Marlboro lights/Lucky Strike:

Tom: Marlboro Lights, but I’ve kicked the habit for this day.


Tom: Myspace, but it’s nice that facebook is no longer a locked and sealed ivory tower for Shipwrecked contestants.


Tom: Brunette at a pinch, but really, on another day, who knows?


Tom: Giving! Any mug can receive. Receiving is also giving if you do it properly mind.


Tom: Bardot, personally, though I’m a little young and poor for them.


Tom: One day I hope to be a morning man, but the wee hours sparkle right now.


Tom: Bottom, the underdog. Everything is cyclical.


Tom: Tarantino, I haven’t forgiven Scorsese for “The Last Waltz”. Though neither is flawless, and I know NOWT about film in real terms.


Tom: NEVER sunglasses. Have you looked out of the window? Wayfarers if pressed, but I’m happier with a hat.


Tom: Every ounce of air I cut is dedicated to the continued existence of black coffee.

Photos: Steph Geoghegan and Nina Geoghegan