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Posted in FAULT MAG by faultmagazine on December 4, 2009

FAULT Magazine FANS!!

Posted in FAULT MAG by faultmagazine on November 29, 2009

“FAULT Magazine is a Revelation”-DAVID LYNCH

“FAULT is f-ing great… a great looking magazine”-KLAUS VOORMANN

“The more I look at the layout the more and more excited I am about the magazine, It’s about time someone came out with a magazine that looks different from everything that is out there”-TERRY RICHARDSON

FAULT is like nothing out there at the moment, I am always interested in getting involved with creative people”-HEDI SLIMANE

“FAULT is big and beautiful…it’s amazing! It’s an art object in and of itself ” -MOBY


“FAULT is at the top of my magazine stack”–NICK JAGO-Artist/Musician Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
“Hey this looks great! I love it… so very cool…”

“Looks beautiful. Really nice”
-MATT MAUST-Cold War Kids

“FAULT is clearly a work of genius”
-JACK BARNETT-These New Puritans

“Looks great, amazing imagery”
-DEAN ROGERS-Photographer

“I love FAULT, my favourite magazine”

“Pure Goodness”

“Love the cover”

“FAULT Magazine, London’s newest and most credible publication for design, photography and imagery”

“I like the concept of FAULT, it’s important to keep things cosy and warm in these days of corporational hostility”
–ADAM FICEK-Babyshambles

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FAULT Magazine and BOND no 9

Posted in FAULT MAGAZINE BONDS NO9 by faultmagazine on September 1, 2009

Bond No 9 Perfume, the fragrance of New York and FAULT’S favourite!

FAULT MAGAZINE Bond_brooklyn


New York’s legendary city within a city, home to a century or more of strivers, dreamers, and Nobel laureates, its reinventing itself, neighborhood by neighborhood, as an edgy metropolis…

FAULT MAGAZINE bond_lexington

Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue

Think pre-Pop 1950s New York, when Andy Warhol lived on Lexington Avenue and plied his trade as a prolific illustrator — mainly of imaginative shoes. Hence the Warhol-designed mélange that covers the flacon. Lush and unapologetically seductive, this scent dares to link two of the most ultra-feminine commodities a woman can own:

FAULT MAGAZINE bond_silverfactoryFAULT MAGAZINE1andy-warhol-silver-factory_illustration

Andy Warhol Silver Factory

Warhol once made mention of a company that was “interested in buying his aura.” Here it is, in liquid form. Depicted on the bottle is a bold rendition of one of the artist’s most recognizable works, the Campbell’s Soup Can. Soup? Perfume? Both smell sweet to us. Not to mention smooth, smoky, spicy and of ambiguous male-female gender.

“Another way to take up more space is with perfume. I really love wearing perfume.” — Andy Warhol


Astor Place

Our Mesmerizing New Eau de Parfum, Inspired by New York’s Most Vibrant Arts-and-Style Intersection.