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FAULT Featured – The Funky Fingers

Posted in Uncategorized by faultmagazine on August 8, 2010

By Tommy D Bridge:

The Funky Fingers is a company that especially design shoes that are discerningly different from anything else available. Using unique materials and designs that we all know and appreciate – and adapting them to be worn rather than just used – in a refreshingly chic and alternative way.

Why not step out in something different?

FAULT: How did ‘The Funky Fingers’ designs begin?

The Funky Fingers began back in 2008 as a small craft business based in SW London trading in Brick Lane market and are now stretching The Funky Fingers further through some of London’s finest markets mainly trading at the renowned Old Spitalfields Market.

The Funky Fingers decoupage Designs began after travelling through Europe and being influenced by the different items that have adorned this art, And decided that The Funky Fingers would use this form of art and create an original concept, refunked shoe art.

FAULT: How would you describe your designs?

Our designs stand alone in a world of ever changing styles and fashion, challenging familiar creative designs to give a “wow look at those….!” reaction.

FAULT: What inspires your designs?

The Funky fingers unusual shoe designs are inspired by using materials that tell a story, glossy magazines from the seventies. It was a funky interesting time for fashion and music or a used postage stamp that started out on a letter travelling from place to place or across the world finally to end up on a pair of shoes like a journey through time a statement, a reminder stamped on a shoe just for you how cool is that!

FAULT: How did you learn how to make and design shoes?

There are thousands of pairs of shoes already made scattered from shops to markets and in the depths of people’s wardrobes so we decided to recycle shoes to give them new lease of life!

It all began in the Baltic – in Vilnius, Lithuania – where handcrafts have their own fashion, which for me was something completely new.  Whilst browsing the narrow streets and shops we came across this shop called little pencils and little papers a craft shop where we found an amazing selection of decoupage material and a demonstration from the shop owner. So we brought the materials back to the UK and here it all began in a studio flat in SW London late nights…little sleep…arguments…and of course lots of fun!

And then we just switched materials into more unusual. Materials like stamps, maps, glossy magazines etc.

FAULT: What would you describe as the greatest achievement of The Funky Fingers so far?

We are only making our first steps on London’s solid fashionable ground so our achievements are only tiny but at the moment we have been chosen to represent The Old Spitalfields Market in the Town and Country National Markets competition Flash and Banter. We have also been interviewed and filmed by various UK and International Media.

In between times we have been designing accessories for weddings, stage performers and high profile people.

Our products have been brought by customers from various countries around the world.

FAULT: What is your vision for The Funky Finger’s future?

To develop our designs and get noticed within the world of fashion, music, film, art.

FAULT: Which other designer’s work do you admire the most?

If The Funky Fingers followed other designers we would be able to tell you, but this is not the case we do not follow trends we create new ones. In some respects you could say we are fashion rebels because everything we do is against the existing steady and measured fashion. Some may say that our designs are controversial and challenge the way that they perceive fashion.

FAULT: What other artist and musicians inspire your work?

Artists and Musicians that inspire my work would include: Andy Warhol, Hotchip, Lady Gaga

and of course artists on late night BBC radio stations.

FAULT: What is your fault?

Believing that Rome was built in a day!

The Funky Fingers can be found at Old Spitalfields Market on Mondays to Fridays.

And of course online: www.thefunkyfingers.co.uk


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  1. Sean Swag said, on August 9, 2010 at 7:04 am

    cool stuff

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