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Gabrielle Sellen

Posted in Gabrielle Sellen by faultmagazine on February 26, 2010

By Jessica Barlow

London-based Sculptor Gabrielle Sellen utilizes her Brazilian heritage to create elaboratly-structured pieces. The viewer is invited to marvel at their obscure familiarity. Drawing inspiration from cocoons to vintage jet plane engines, her work focuses on the assemblage of textiles and the readymade. In her own words her work: “Demonstrates the juxtaposition between the exotic and the industrial.” A walk down the street is a means of foraging for her next sculpture as she sources pipes, exhausts and other mechanical objects in order to build and sew her structural totem-like forms.

Speaking of her method of working, Gabrielle says:

“My work is expressionist and compulsive with structure. I wind up making pod and totem-like tactile structures, which seem to immediately take on characters. I want them to be inviting and curious with heavy emphasis on the ‘internal and external.’  I enjoy the makeshift temporary quality juxtaposed with making a rendition of a somewhat monumental piece of engineering.”

See more of Gabrielle at: http://2009.atcamberwell.com/courses/bahons-sculpture/students/gabrielle-sellen


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  1. Mateus Potumati said, on July 22, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    Hi There,

    I’m the editor at Brazilian arts magazine Soma (www.maissoma.com) and we’re producing a piece on Jessica Barlow and Gabrielle Sellen. The writer has been to a Converse-sponsored event in London late last year and we’ve tried to get artwork and photos through the brand, but they’re having trouble getting us sorted. So maybe it will be easier for me to talk directly to them. Could somebody here please put me in touch with Jessica and Gabrielle?

    We already published a piece on Felix Thorn, you can download the PDF of the printed magazine for free here:

    Here’s my emails:

    Feel free to call me too, if you want. My phones are below.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    Mateus Potumati
    55 11 8970 2679
    55 11 3034 0515

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