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Sam Frenzel

Posted in Uncategorized by faultmagazine on February 14, 2010

By Roshannah Bagley

BERLIN, Germany: Sam Frenzel’s highly anticipated debut collection held last month at Berlin Fashion Week was, as expected, one of the highlights of the event. Impressing many a journalist and buyer – not only nationally, but worldwide – the collection fuelled the buzz around this young designer. Frenzel’s press kit read: “The ‘Collection Bravade Autumn/Winter 2010’ utilizes high-quality fabrics and materials, which are meticulously assembled by hand, using processes that come from haute couture.” It was exactly this knowledge and exploitation of fabrics that secured Frenzel’s accomplishment with the Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf “Designer for Tomorrow” award last July, and was once again on display at this season’s catwalk. Frenzel’s Parisian training revealed a love of metallic and oversized detailing: cream chunky knitted jumpsuits, high collared jackets, and grey high waisted trousers and sequin jumpsuits featured gaping zip openings. FAULT features Sam Frenzel as he shares his thoughts on German fashion and his plans for the future.

FAULT: Where did you study fashion?

Sam: I began to study Fashion Design in Berlin at the HTW (University of Applied Science) which is a very industrial institution. To complete my own unique point of view about fashion, I decided to learn from the best and go to Paris. I inspired myself in the old school of fashion like other big designers had done before me.

FAULT: Where have you gained experience in the fashion industry?

Sam: I started very young in Berlin in a very traditional men’s tailoring atelier, and continued in Paris with five and a half very intensive years in traditional houses like Chloé, Christian Lacroix and Dior.

FAULT: You won the prestigious “Designer for Tomorrow” award with Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf for up-and-coming designers in July last year. This must has been quite a turning point for you?

Sam: It feels great when somebody appreciates your work and even more when you win such a respected prize. It has given me more self-confidence with my designs.

FAULT: How does it feel to be hailed as the “next best thing” in fashion in Germany?

Sam: It feels weird. I thought it would take another 20 years of hard work before anyone would be interested in my designs. My life has changed a lot since the day I showed my work for the first time. It’s crazy that this recognition extends outside of Germany. You can see my fashion all around the world – from America to Asia. I don’t know why people like what I am designing. But for sure I don’t have a problem that they like it – somehow it must be the right thing. I actually do not feel as though I am a “next best thing” in German fashion at all, I just do what I love to do.

FAULT: What was your inspiration for your Autumn Winter 2010 collection?

Sam: There are so many things which inspire me. People are always surprised how eclectic I am with music (from Françoise Hardy to P.Diddy), movies (from John Waters to Fellini) and art (from Francis Bacon to Botticelli). But the most important thing is the daily life: normal people in subways, on the street, in coffee shops and cities like Berlin and Paris.

FAULT: What advice would you give to other emerging designers?

Sam: If you really love what you do, you must be willing to give it all. That is what I try everyday.

FAULT: What are you up to at the moment?

Sam: So many things are happening at the moment: I am planning to release my own brand of clothing and accessories, I have received many editorial requests and a few job offers. I am especially interested in the opportunities that are outside of Germany – I am not scared to leave Berlin at all.

FAULT: Are there any plans to extend the Sam Frenzel label internationally?

Sam: I am thinking about it, many international buyers and journalists are interested.

FAULT: Wolfgang Joop recently stated that German “fashion still needs some work.” Yet a new wave of German fashion designers, notably Julia Knuepfer, Michael Sontag and yourself have been causing a stir in the European fashion sector. Why do you think the public find your collections so enthralling?

Sam: I don’t know, I always try to find out the reactions after the show. I ask around, read the critics and ask people what they thought. Usually the response is that my designs are equal to the international fashion scene. They are feminine, forward and funny and not “German” at all. But that is what they say. Judge for yourself! That’s what I would say.

To contact Sam Frenzel email:

Sinah Brües, PR Project Director




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  1. JJ said, on February 16, 2010 at 11:41 am

    Frenzel is very deserving of his ‘Designer for Tomorrow’ award.

    Loved this interview.


  2. a said, on February 24, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    wow the second photo is “phancytastic”

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