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Nick Jago (BRMC)

Posted in nick jago by faultmagazine on November 23, 2009
28-year-old Nicholas Jago was born in Abadan, Iran on July 19th, 1981.   He lived in Iran until he was 4 years old. The subtly exotic and rhapsodic musician/painter then spent three years in various areas of South America, moving at the age of seven to England and remaining there for the latter half of his teens while studying painting at The Winchester School of Arts. By 1997 Jago was living in California with his family, it was there that he shifted his interest to music and became a part of the praised and highly original band, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.  In 2007 Nicholas began a solo career; he is currently recording songs and performing at various venues around Los Angeles and abroad.  He may remind some of Leonard Cohen, there are glimmers of him in Jago’s songs and vocal delivery. And clearly Jago makes a point to focus on writing engaging lyrics.  At this time his strongest work is the lyrically poignant, Under a Veil, a duet with HT Heartache. HT brings a delicate folk-country quality to the song and it compliments Jago’s folk-rock.  Jago himself appears to be comprised of delicate nuances, perhaps this is from being exposed to so many varied cultures as a child.  Since embarking into a solo career it appears Nick may have become Nicholas-




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