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Posted in Twisted Wheel by faultmagazine on September 4, 2009


FAULT: What were you doing before Twisted Wheel?

Jonny: I didn’t do anything for years, just sort of fucked around. I was a bit of a menace.
Rick: I was at university doing 3D Design…It was shit.

FAULT: What can people expect from your debut album
 ‘We are us’?

Jonny: In truth, lots of energy, fast pace, good songs, a straight forward rock ‘n’ roll debut album.

FAULT: What is your favourite song off the album?

Jonny: I’ve got two. We’ve got an acoustic track called Bouncing Bomb that’s dead chilled out and that’s the second till last tune on the album. My other favourite is a new version of She’s a weapon. I like all different ones on different days.

FAULT: Who writes the songs and where do you get your

Jonny: I write the tunes and then I put them to the band. Inspiration is everything, nothing specific, different things at different times. Girls seem to keep coming out but I’m getting away from that now, I’m going into politics…

FAULT: What do you think of new music?

Jonny: I don’t really know any new music Rick knows more then me. I like The Views’ new stuff. I also like stuff that Jack White does, I think he’s quality.

FAULT: How did the Oasis support come about?

Jonny: Noel heard us on Channel Manchester. I think we only done about six tunes and Noel watched it in London and then he got asked if we could support them and he said yeah.

FAULT: What are looking forward to?

Jonny: I’m looking forward to the record coming out in March. I’m Just looking forward to the future in general really. I really want to play Glastonbury as well in 2009. Hopefully making some money and buying a house.




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  1. Agent of Art said, on September 9, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    This guys are really simple! But kind of cute.

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