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FAULT Magazine and Yannis Philippakis-FOALS

Posted in Uncategorized by faultmagazine on August 27, 2009

FAULT Magazine’s features artist


Yannis FOALS

FAULT: What is your proudest moment as a band?

Yannis: There have been a lot of things where we have exceeded our expectations even getting signed is something we felt good about for a long time, playing certain shows like Glastonbury on The Other Stage that was great! We’ve just been asked to work with a classical composer called Steve Wright who we love. Getting my Mum off my back is probably my proudest moment. I remember my whole family thought I was going off the rails and when you can turn around and show them something that gets them off your back, that’s a pretty good feeling. I was a university studying English Lit and we all dropped out, it’s a big risk but we’re young and we can always go back. I wouldn’t be happy if I was working in the city.

FAULT: What do you have to offer that other bands don’t?

Yannis: A better bad attitude, I guess we sound a bit different to a lot of other British bands or I think we’re a band that will hopefully make different, exciting records. I don’t really think about it like that, I just do it it’s like a compulsion, its addiction

FAULT: Do try to sound different?

Yannis: I don’t know how unique we sound maybe that’s because I know what we rip off! We used to listen to weird, unheard of records just to be cool, in Oxford a lot of our friends were older and they were listening to strange American bands and classical music so when we were fifth teen we used to go over there and smoke pot, where as everyone else our age would be listening to radio music.

FAULT: Do you like new Music?

Yannis: Yeah, I like a band from Brooklyn called Telepathe I like Wild Beasts there cool!

Hopefully their coming on tour with us… I also like Holy Fuck.

FAULT: How would you describe your music?

Yannis: Retardo rock, or retard pop. It’s meant to make you dance so maybe its dance music, it’s meant to be quite violent and punk in some way,  basically its’ alternative rock music.

FAULT: What are you excited about?

Yannis: I’m excited about making another record, I think the more that we tour the more we yearn to be in the studio. The weird thing about touring is that it’s quite hard to create stuff.

When you’re signed to a record label everything changes. When we were 16-17 we were always writing new stuff, so to have stop doing that for a year and play the same thing…I think that‘s why a lot of bands find it hard to do a second record because for 18 years or however long you have been working a certain way you’re then forced to adapt to somebody’s business and it’s very un-artistic. So I’m really looking forward to stop touring and get in the studio and creating something really fucking weird and that doesn’t sound like anything else at the moment. We always set out to be a progressive band, so we’re not going to write anymore songs that sound like Hummer or Cassius not because we don’t like them just because we want to evolve. As much as I don’t want to get flack, I would much rather feel that we did something that was moving forward rather then make a record just to save our arses, at then end of the day it you do get dropped big fucking deal!

FAULT: What is the weirdest experience you have had since being with FOALS?

Yannis: There have been a lot of weird experiences…Japan was intense they really love Jack out there because he’s ginger so he got all the glory. It was bizarre we got loads of presents everywhere we went. We got kaleidoscopes, boxer shorts actual watercolour pictures of all of us. There are a lot of drugged related stories that we shouldn’t really go in to.

FAULT: What or who made you to start a band

Yannis: Well my family have family are quite musical so they always encouraged me, the first band that made me want to start smoking and grow my hair was probably Nirvana. I think I was about 12 when I was given their first CD and I just became totally obsessed, it made me want to stop being nice to my teachers stop playing sport and just start ruining my life it’s awesome and I haven’t turned back, it’s great! Self destruction!

FAULT: What is the best thing about being in FOALS?

Yannis: That I get to self destruct for a living and create something out it. It’s cool!

FAULT: Do you have a favourite photographer/artist

Yannis: I really like William Eggleston in terms of photography he’s my favourite, and terms of artists I really like Francis Bacon and Egon Schiele. I always read books and played music I remember all the art kids were really cool.

FAULT: If you weren’t on FOALS what would you be doing?

Yannis: Probably Gardening.

Photo: Steph Geoghegan and Nina Geoghegan


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