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FAULT Magazine and Alison Mosshart

Posted in Uncategorized by faultmagazine on August 27, 2009

FAULT Magazine’s featured Artist: photo by Sophie Jarry


FAULT:  How are you feeling today? 

Alison Mosshart:  I just woke up. Stress, whiplash… needs more coffee.
FAULT:  How many cigarettes have you smoked today? 

Alison Mosshart:  4

FAULT:   Who is your favourite Band: past/present?

Alison Mosshart:  Spank rock, David Bowie, child ballads

FAULT:  Who is your favourite Artist/photographer: past/present?

Alison Mosshart:  Juergen teller Chris Shaw Kenneth Cappello Jamie Hince


FAULT:   Who do you fancy?

Alison Mosshart: Best left unsaid

FAULT:  What have you got on your feet?

Alison Mosshart:  Gold Dior Homme boots…falling apart

FAULT: What is your poison?

Alison Mosshart:  Poison.

FAULT: How many people have you slept with in the last month?

Alison Mosshart:  None
FAULT: What couldn’t you live without?

Alison Mosshart:  Fern, my beautiful black German Sheppard friend

FAULT: If you weren’t in a musician, what would you be?

Alison Mosshart: I’d like to have a go at being a spy… or some kind of detective. I’ve Discovered a real knack for super sleuthing… That or round up everyone i can find who’s into “the secret” and torture them with bad vibes. 


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  1. UnsanoSaisp said, on July 15, 2010 at 12:36 am

    Hello All.
    I the first day here.
    You saw,new Pic


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