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Posted in SUMMER INTERNSHIP by faultmagazine on April 26, 2009

FAULT Magazine Internship

An exciting opportunity to work for The World’s Leading Music Art Magazine. FAULT is one of the most prestigious, high-end Music Art Magazines. We are looking for exciting, keen individuals that have something to offer. If you are a gifted writer, artist or illustrator and have a passion and want people to see what you do, FAULT want to recognise this and get you published. You can work from the comfort of your own home from any part of the world…

This company is fast becoming an instantly recognisable household name with a worldwide presence.

We are distributed in London and major capital cities globally in retail outlets, trendy clubs, at festivals, venues, exclusive gigs and parties. Additionally, FAULT is distributed alongside our sister imprint Beyond Black’s publications directly to high net worth individuals and across the full spectrum of Beyond Black’s strategic partners. For further information, see http://www.beyondblack.org 

This is the perfect opportunity for an ambitious and exciting insight into FAULT…
Full/Part Time.

Message us for full details!






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